A Brief Introduction…

My name is Marko Djordjevic, my passion is to learn new things, work together as a team and help others.

Until recently, I was a member of the Global Communications Group at Electronic Arts, primarily serving as a Content Manager. In this role, I helped with the creation, editing, and posting of content that appeared on our website and/or shared on various social channels. This role regularly required flexibility, working on tight deadlines and with multiple teams.

I also spent time as a Community Manager where my duties expanded. In addition to running multiple social channels, I also served as the glue between the development team and the game’s growing and active community. I was regularly involved with our Live Content team on in-game programs from concept all the way to activation. This also included working with our various key influencers, athletes, leagues, and clubs partners across Europe and North America in amplifying related content that appeared in-game and/or on social media.

Outside of work, I volunteer with children. With kids ranging from 5-16 years of age, we do a number of activities including hiking, cooking, watching movies, and playing video games.

I am looking for an opportunity to take what I’ve learned in the past and show how versatile I am. I also understand the requirements necessary to succeed in a fast-paced work environment and thrive on the challenges that come my way.


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