A Brief Introduction…

Welcome to the personal blog and portfolio of Marko Djordjevic. Currently, I am the Content Manager for EA SPORTS. What that means is that content you read on EASPORTS.com is either written or edited by me in some fashion. I am part of a small team in Digital Communications , so not everything is my work, but we are a pretty solid team eager to deliver EA SPORTS Content on a daily basis.

I have been writing and working in the media for over five years. In fact, it actually started almost a decade ago when I was first involved in a weekly, Serbian-language radio program based in Ottawa. It was run by my great friend of mine and I was asked to retrieve sports news and scores from Serbia, which would then be read by one of the hosts of the show. It worked really well; since we aired the program live on Saturday, I was able to get the latest scores from the busy Saturday sports schedule. We never had a week where we didn’t have something to report on.

After that, in 2007 I wrote two articles for an Urban Men’s Magazine called Swagg News. Both articles were basketball related. The first was a March Madness preview piece highlighting a number of schools to watch. The second was an NBA Playoffs preview. Although I wrote about sports on a Fox Sports Blog about all sorts of sports, this was my first published work…it was also my first free writing. I still have .pdfs of the articles somewhere on an old laptop and would like to post them here for my own nostalgic reasons.

On top of writing about sports, I also blogged regularly with my GameSpot account. It was fairly modest with one post leading to me being a featured blog writer. That confidence helped me become a staff writer for GameFocus.ca in 2008. I would spend the next few years covering news, previews, reviews and even cover a few press events, both public and private. Thankfully, that work led me to move to San Francisco and becoming GameSpot.com’s Sports Editor (title was longer of course).



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